Hello world!

My name is Kathleen and I live in Ladysmith, B.C. Canada.

I was inspired to create this blog because of my interest in cooking quick, healthy meals on a budget.  There are many blogs on the internet that cover one or more of these topics extensively, but I find they are typically geared towards American consumers who have different grocery products and different price points than what we Canadians experience in our grocery stores.

So how can we save money while feeding our families quick and healthy meals?   I invite you to come with me as I explore cooking various recipes.  I will give an analysis of what it cost me to prepare it, and along the way, I will share tips and links that I find particularly helpful.

Welcome to my blog.


8 responses to “Hello world!

  1. congratulations on your new blog!!! Very nice!

    • Hi Tracy,

      Thanks for the congrats. I would be happy to do a link exchange with you as soon as I figure out how. I just signed up for wordpress yesterday afternoon and I am not all that computer savvy.


  2. Hi Kathleen

    Love it! You have done an awesome job and the information is excellent and sooooo useful. In these times of recession we all need to tighten our belts and go back to basics. I look forward to your future postings!

  3. Exciting..! Your blog looks great!

  4. This is an excellent idea.
    All the information you provide us with is very useful.
    I am looking forward to more healthy, cheap and time-saving recipes.
    As you know I work for the Nibud (=National Institute of BudgetInformation)
    Do you allow me to translate your recipes and provide my students with your tips?
    Please continue!


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